My Storytelling Process in Acrylic

My concern is the condition of the human soul. My unpremeditated process creates layered markings that ultimately portray God's grace, peace, hope and love in my storytelling art. I use the acrylic paintings to express God's love for a lost world and to provide a road map to salvation. The use of vibrant acrylic colors evoke emotions of joy and the overwhelming sense that every situation will work out for the good. When my acrylic paintings are finished, I am amazed that they represent stories or an individual thought or verse from the Bible. It means so much to me that I create a framed affirmation that I give to you to go with each painting. I invite you to explore my paintings and you just may see other objects that will tell you a different story. You may find a painting that is relevant to your current life. These partial abstract paintings are suitable for home, office, and church. 

What is Partial Abstract Art?


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Wednesday, 22 March 2023