What is Partial Abstract Art?

There are many forms of abstract art. They include Surrealism, Dadaism, Cubism, Fauvism, Suprematism, Art Informel, Neo-Plasticism, and De Stijl. Partial abstract artwork is art which takes liberties, altering for instance color and form in ways that are obviously clear. Examples of art movements that partial abstract include are "Fauvism in which color is conspicuously and deliberately altered with regards to reality, and Cubism, which blatantly alters the forms of the real live entities depicted. Total Abstraction bears no trace of any reference to anything recognizable." (Wikipedia). My favorite abstract artist is Vasily Kandinsky for his unique and colorful artwork, and one of my favorite contemporary artists is Jaison Cianelli for his use of color and texture. My art can best be described as a form of Fauvism and has similarities to Marc Chagall.  

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Saturday, 30 September 2023